People Fall Into The Blind Date

recently, i frequently hear that people who during their 20’s and 30's are falling into blind dates.

blind date is a date where the people involved have not met each other previously. so, young man and woman’s match could have been arranged by mutual friends, relatives or by a dating system.

i guess several years ago most people deem this choice  absolutely out of absolute necessity. but more and more people  start to choose this way. it appears that blind date becomes a cannot-but mode along with their growing age.

big graduation age, busy work, narrow social life,weakened human relations because of the advanced internet, etc, become the reasons for the single-status of the young blood.

all along, i don’t think this is a good way to establish the affection relationship, i insist that we should meet the future spouse in the normal social life. but the reality compels young man and woman to do this, dating in blind.


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