The sense of belonging

When a girl tells to her boyfriend, “now, i am yours”, that means she has found her mr. right and her spirit and body have stared to belong to that guy. it is a sense, which we call it sense of belonging.

There has been debated on the topic of sense of belonging for it means and influences over hundreds of years. According to the recent survey, over 90% people believe the sense of belonging makes a great role in lots of aspects in the daily life. Actually, as a kind of spirit awarenesses, the sense of belongling always exert positive impacts in work, in family life, and in the social relationship.

What should we done to hold and encourage this exciting situation? we take the working world  for example. In advance, we should know that the sense of belonging must reflect to two related parts which exist in one  environment. one aspect is the environment provider,the other is the be-longer of the sense of belonging.

first and foremost, the organizer, as the provider, should try its best to establish a not-bad work environment for the employees, such as good welfare, suitable salary, study support, and etc., to make it easy to satisfy their essencial demand.

last but not least, the worker are obliged to cultivate their awareness to catar to the environment, to establish more relationship between the organizer and himself, to make it easy to engender the sense of belonging what would promote their work appearance positively.

in conclusion, everyone need a strong sense of belonging to posses a brilliant and harmonious life.


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