Should shanghai build the theme park Disneyland

More famous, more discussed.

As all we know, Disneyland, which is a quite famous brand in the world side, has influenced the world over 80 years. Its cartoon characters such as “Mickey mouse”, “Donald’s duck”, “goofy dog” are very popular in  the children’s world, also even in the adults’ world.

Nowadays, there are tens of Disneyland theme parks in several countries, such as the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. But this worldwide theme park has still not located in china which owns the most children in the world. Every year, lots of Chinese tourists fight to Tokyo or Hong Kong to satisfy their demand, because of there is not any choice in the mainland.

Disney knows the huge demand in china, so a big plan is rising now, which is to build a brand new Disneyland park in the suburb of shanghai. This is undoubtedly logical, for at least china is a huge market to the Disney. However, some repulse come from some conservatives in china. First and foremost, they compare this to the star buck’s shop in the Forbidden City, and claim the building plan is not suitable for the china tradition, Next, they expel the foreign brand and support the native brand although these brands are so weak that could not meet the demand and not popular. Last but not least, they believe the foreign brand park would influence the local economy.

Actually, a recent statistics show that most people in china support to build a Disney park here, so that people who wants to have fun with the cartoon characters could save the flight cost.

For me, I insist it is a wonderful thing to establish this theme park here. On the one side, it would promote the internal demand and advance the economy. On the other side, native brand would have more and direct chance to learn management and advanced spirit, then stimulate their grown.

In conclusion, the Disneyland theme park should be built. And obviously, it is high time that the shanghai government and “Disney” should reach consensus on the issue to build the Disney theme park as soon as possible.


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